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I am holding a number of seminars over the rest of the year to explore in more depth aspects of my new book. Registration details coming shortly! Do send me a site contact email for further details.

Saturday June 5

The Human Search for Meaning and Purpose

Gnosis, Initiation and Transformation

Saturday July 10

The Spirit of Gnosis – the Gnostic Gospels of Mary Magdalene

Simone Weil, Deodat Roche and the Cathar Renaissance

Saturday September 4

Dr Albert Schweitzer – Peace and the Ethic of Reverence for Life

The Ethical Mysticism of Dag Hammarskjold

Saturday October 30

Swedenborg, the Soul and Modern Consciousness Studies

The Near-Death Experience and the Perennial Wisdom

Saturday December 4

Beinsa Douno – a Prophet for our Times

Towards a Cultural Revolution of Love and Wisdom

Urdini Lakes, Rila Mountains, Bulgaria August 2017

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Humanity is at an evolutionary crossroads where we are challenged to choose between regeneration and cultural decline, even extinction, if we continue with business as usual - in this poem I ask if we have the capacity to initiate a new culture based on universal Human Values.


Every year the Earth

Gives birth to new life –

But what about us?

Can we give birth

To a new culture,

A culture of love

A culture of wisdom

A culture of truth

A culture of justice

A culture of freedom

A culture of kindness

A culture of peace

A culture of beauty?

Or will we remain

Huddled in darkness

Trapped in fear

Stifled by control

Cowed into compliance

Cancelled by censors -

Unable to breathe freely,

Sleepwalking backwards

Into digital slavery?

Deep grief wells up -

A sense of human future lost,

Of time being short,

Earth in the balance,

Breakdown and breakthrough

Coming into view.

Will this culture of hope

Be stillborn again?

Or can we finally deliver

This new world together

With courage and love?

The Earth has long awaited

This moment of deliverance

From violence and secrecy,

From deception and evil.

The world can torture

And crucify the good

But the light of love


Comes through –

Human hearts crack open,

The birth pangs of one humanity

Awakening oh so slowly,



From the cave of suffering

To greet the rising sun.


© 2021 David Lorimer