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Quest for Love and Wisdom Seminars

I am holding a number of seminars over the rest of the year to explore in more depth aspects of my new book. Registration details coming shortly! Do send me a site contact email for further details.

Saturday June 5

The Human Search for Meaning and Purpose

Gnosis, Initiation and Transformation

Saturday July 10

The Spirit of Gnosis – the Gnostic Gospels of Mary Magdalene

Simone Weil, Deodat Roche and the Cathar Renaissance

Saturday September 4

Dr Albert Schweitzer – Peace and the Ethic of Reverence for Life

The Ethical Mysticism of Dag Hammarskjold

Saturday October 30

Swedenborg, the Soul and Modern Consciousness Studies

The Near-Death Experience and the Perennial Wisdom

Saturday December 4

Beinsa Douno – a Prophet for our Times

Towards a Cultural Revolution of Love and Wisdom

Urdini Lakes, Rila Mountains, Bulgaria August 2017

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