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WAKING, DREAMING, BEING Evan Thompson Columbia University Press, 2015, 452 pp., $xx, h/b – ISBN 978-0-231-13709-6 In this subtle, brilliant and erudite study, Evan Thompson examines self and consciousness in neuroscience, meditation and philosophy to formulate a contemplative neurophenomenology, building […]


EXTRAORDINARY KNOWING Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer Bantam Books, 2007, 301 pp., $26, h/b – ISBN 978 0 553 80335 8 My enduring memory of Lisby Mayer, who died shortly after this book was completed a couple of years ago, is of […]

John Moriarty Memorial Lecture, Clifden, Ireland 2008

David Lorimer John Moriarty Memorial Lecture Rhythmica Mythica: Separation and Union, Exile and Homecoming Clifden, 27th September 2008 Bach 1st prelude, Rosalyn Tureck[1] It’s a great privilege to be invited to give the inaugural John Moriarty Memorial Lecture here at […]

The Near-Death Experience and the Perennial Wisdom

It is now some twenty years since the appearance of the first books explicitly devoted to the near-death experience (NDE) (Moody, 1975). Public interest in the phenomenon has been sustained over that period by a spate of new books ranging […]

Consciousness and Society – An Ethic of Interconnectedness

Three kinds of progress are significant for culture: progress in knowledge and technology; progress in the socialisation of man; progress in spirituality. The last is the most important. Technical progress, extension of knowledge, does indeed represent progress, but not in […]