My 1991 edited book Prophet for our Times – the Life and Teachings of Peter Deunov is being republished by Hay House with a foreword by the late Wayne Dyer – you can find it on here:

You are holding in your hands a book that I love, written by a Master whom I revere. I am honoured to say a few words in this collection of sayings and writings by the esteemed Peter Deunov in the English language. To me, Peter Deunov, also known by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno, ranks as one of the greatest and most influential spiritual teachers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I remember reading a quote by the eminent scientist Albert Einstein that prompted me to look into the life and teachings of this man, of whom I’d had no previous knowledge or awareness:

‘The whole world bows down before me; I bow down before the Master Peter Deunov.’



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