The real test of a man’s belief in a positive mental attitude and of his faith is in the challenge of change which he must meet every day of his life. One of the first requirements for enduring faith and success is a capacity to accept and profit by change.

It has been said that the only permanent thing known to man is change. In order to preserve the faith which will give you power for the attainment of success, you must make yourself flexible enough to adjust to all types of change. If you are flexible, you will ride with the tide of change instead of going down under it.

Consider the following suggestions and determine which, if utilized, would strengthen the power of faith you need each day.

Change from the habit of thinking about and fearing the things you do not desire, to the habit of believing you can and will make life pay off on your own terms.

Change from the habit of thinking and talking of the physical ailments you may have or fear you will acquire to the habit of speaking and thinking of the perfect health you desire, until you develop a “health consciousness.” Remember that imaginary ailments can do you as much harm as if they were real, if you accept them and encourage them by fear.

Change from the habit of desiring more material things than you need and can use, to the habit of sharing your riches so that they will serve others and thereby multiply themselves in your behalf.

Change from the habit of self-satisfaction to the habit of positive discontentment sufficient to keep you searching for more knowledge and wisdom to make your life richer both spiritually and materially.

Change from the habit of intolerance to the habit of open-mindedness on all subjects, toward all people, remembering that a closed mind doesn’t grow, but atrophies and becomes powerless.

Change from the habit of fault-finding to the habit of looking for the good in other people and letting them know that you have discovered it. It is true that people will see in you whatever you see in them, be it good or bad.

Change from the habit of self-pity to the habit of facing facts about yourself and the real causes of your fears and worries. Remember that the looking glass will be helpful in making this change.

Change from the habit of speaking disparagingly of others to the habit of praising them, for this is also a habit which will inspire reciprocation.

While you are considering these suggestions, be sure to recognize the difference between your needs and your right to receive. We need many things which we have not earned the right to receive. The one sure way to obtain the right to receive is by going the extra mile, putting others under obligation to you by rendering more service and better service than that for which you are paid.

Source:  Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion. Penguin. 1992. Pgs. 154-155.





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