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PARENTING FOR A PEACEFUL WORLD Robin Grille  Longueville, 2005, 428 pp., p/b – ISBN 1 921004 14 2 This extraordinary and far-reaching book will transform your understanding of how differing practices of rearing children impact on social evolution, particularly with […]


NATURE’S DUE: HEALING OUR FRAGMENTED CULTURE Brian Goodwin  Floris Books, 2007, 188 pp., £14.99 p/b – ISBN 978 086315 596 3 This remarkable book is Brian Goodwin’s biological testament, summing up the work he has been doing throughout his career […]

Interview on Conscious TV

Authors – David Lorimer – ‘Life Story’ – Interview by Iain McNay [watch this programme] David has authored and compiled many books including ‘Thinking Beyond The Brain’ ‘Learning for Life’ and ‘Radical Prince.’ He is Programme Director of The Scientific and […]

Libertarian Paternalism

NUDGE Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein  Yale, 2008, 293 pp., $26, h/b – ISBN 978 0 300 12223 7 Described in the latest issue of Prospect as ‘2008’s noisiest ideas book’, Nudge is an important and timely book […]

Cosmos and Psyche

Cosmos and Psyche Richard Tarnas (2006) Viking, 2006, 569 pp., $29.95 h/b – ISBN 0 670 03292 1 Only a fortnight ago, I was recommending to a prospective philosophy student that she spend a part of the summer reading The […]

Living and Dancing in Harmony with Living Nature – France in July

Living and Dancing in Harmony with Nature with David Lorimer  La Borde Blanque, France, 25 July to 1 August 2015!/living_and_dancing This small seminar will give you a rare opportunity to learn about the inspiring spiritual wisdom of the Bulgarian […]

The Art of Friendship – Sunday May 24

THE ART OF FRIENDSHIP – Sunday 24th May 2015 A one-day workshop at Cowdray Hall, Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussex with David Lorimer and Serge Beddington-Behrens Aristotle said ‘Friendship is a thing most necessary to life.’  We agree. Research has also […]