Dimensions of Love

Dimensions of Love

by Padma Aon

O Books 2013, 343 pp., £17.99, p/b.

This remarkable and far-reaching book outlines the seven steps to the full manifestation of Divine Love. It is effectively three books in one, the middle part of which builds on the mysticism of St John of the Cross and St Teresa of Avila. The author runs a centre in the south of France near some of the sacred sites connected to the Divine Feminine. His analysis covers five types of love: love of God, love for our soulmate, Self Love, Natural Love and Love for our Friends of the Heart. Much of this work is clearing and healing as we can easily block the flow of this feeling of Love: ‘All that stands in the way of you receiving It is yourself, composed of your wounds, both in your soul and in the collective soul of humanity.’ He provides a matrix for soul growth so that we can become a Divine Soul, explaining the central role of desire in this process. The middle part of the book is devoted to a detailed account of moving through the spheres and how easy it is to settle for substitutes to Divine Love. The short third part addresses the power of prayer, with two very powerful prayers for Divine Love and Divine Healing, with accompanying commentaries. This is a precious book to live and work with, for those to whom it calls. The Centre website is www.thesoulcentre.eu


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