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Clare Cameron, Nature Mystic

Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace by Philip Pegler Changemaker Books 2013, 311 pp., £15.99, p/b. Some readers may be familiar with the work of Clare Cameron (1896 – 1983), nature mystic, poet and long-time editor of the Science of Thought […]

Dimensions of Love

Dimensions of Love by Padma Aon O Books 2013, 343 pp., £17.99, p/b. This remarkable and far-reaching book outlines the seven steps to the full manifestation of Divine Love. It is effectively three books in one, the middle part of […]

John Moriarty Memorial Lecture, Clifden, Ireland 2008

David Lorimer John Moriarty Memorial Lecture Rhythmica Mythica: Separation and Union, Exile and Homecoming Clifden, 27th September 2008 Bach 1st prelude, Rosalyn Tureck[1] It’s a great privilege to be invited to give the inaugural John Moriarty Memorial Lecture here at […]